Each week will have a theme or a question that relates to the course content.
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Monday, March 5, 2012


This masterpiece that is named David, done by Michelangelo was created during the Renassiance around 1501-1504. This piece is idolized by all of the world because it is so incredibly realistic for the era that it was created in. Up until this point people of that age had never seen such amazing features on a statue before. If you think about the difficulty that it must have taken to create this statue with such life like features at that time with very limited tools is just mind blowing. Reasons such as these prove why Michelangelo a true artist and this piece is a masterpiece. Even if a piece was created today it would be hard to duplicate the realistic features as Michelangelo did. This piece will live on into infamy for those exact reason.

Air Jordan

The artwork that I chose for this weeks blog is a picture of arguably the most iconic sports figure of all-time.  I chose the star basketball player Michael Jordan. He is one of the most easily recognized sports figures across the world. In this specific picture, the representational style that is used is realistic, yet extremely abstract.  It is realistic because it is an actual picture of Michael Jordan. It is also abstract because his face is made up of all the newspaper headlines that were about him while he led the Chicago Bulls to numerous championships.


This piece of work is called "Insomniac" by Sam Jinks. The material the artist uses makes the skin on the head to look like actual skin, which is luminous and penetrated by light. The piece is essentially stylized because it could be anyone in the sense that it could be any man because it doesn't really look like much of a woman. To me, I would believe that the work is also sort of abstract  because the eyes are not what actual human eyes look like and Jinks didn't put an exact mouth on the face either.
-Tara Alves

Abstract Heads

Levi van Veluw is an artist who glues objects on his face to make art. As you can see on the images to the left, in one he glues pebbles to his face and in the other moss. They create this amazing image. These are images are idealized because of  the fact that no real creature exists like the ones he depicts.  Its a very abstract piece of art, and it make the view put their own interpretations into it.
Here is his website, he has many other amazing art pieces that include the theme we are following: heads

Human Head

This head created by Rihards Rozans is made from 3D Tetris blocks, and is not an actual sculpture but 3D digital art.  This work is stylized because it is not an actual portrait of someone.  The shadows in the face help show where the eyes, ears and other small details go.  There is a lot of texture and a pattern where the Tetris pieces meet and leave spaces within the face, making it look rough and bumpy.


Zeus, God of the sky, ruler of the Olympian gods and usually follows idealized facial features. What I mean is he is allways portrayed to have a curly, thick beard, curly hair, has an aged face, and either a blank exprestion (like this bust) or a vengefull look. Every painting, drawing, and or sculpture follow these basic rules to recreate that which has never been seen, but described through stories. That is why most if not all Zeus artworks are idealized.

Willie Nelson

This is a drawing of Willie Nelson. This image is definitely realistic. If this picture had color it would have fooled me that it was in fact a drawing. The detail in this picture is amazing. The shading of his skin up against his white beard really makes all the details pop.  You can see all the wrinkles in his face and every piece of beard, and eyebrow hair.  I also really like this piece of art because of the fact that Willie is the center of the work and takes up almost the entire view. There is such little background or negative space, that you really get to enjoy to drawing not unused space.

Head Sculpture Catching Zzzz's

This sculpture called "Mask II" by Ron Mueck is a three-dimensional, representational piece of art. It is a large scale sculpture of a giant sleeping head which holds many art values. It is an extraordinary version of an ordinary object that is very realistic. This sculpture also shows a lot of texture represented by the hair and the 5 o'clock shadow. It is three-dimensional since the sculpture has height, width and depth. I would enjoy seeing a sculpture like this one day.


Former President Bush 43

This portrait of George W. Bush is a great example of a stylized portrait.  The way his face is painted makes it this way with the use of shape through out the face.  This is also a prime example of relieved symmetry in that the one side of the portrait has almost as much as the other, the only difference being that his head is tilted more to one side.  Lastly, the use of line throughout the shapes on his face seem to bring us to a focal point of his eyes, in which he is looking up at someone of something.

                                                                                    M Rizzi

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Artwork that depicts a human head

Lady Liberty is the artwork I chose for this assignment. She has a woman's naturalistic features  with the sculptor, Augusti Bartholdi, creating her with much symmetry in its design Her face has a peaceful appearance; but her eyes have an intensity as she peers over the waters of the NY harbor looking for those in search of democracy, justice and liberty for all who enter. The face is said to be modeled after the sculptor's mother, Charlotte Bartholdi, and displays a very strong jaw line. The eyes, nose and mouth are all in proportion to the face. The crown or diadem that sits on her head has a pattern of vertical lines and rectangles; above those are 7 rays or points representing the 7 continents and 7 seas, forming a halo. Her hair is designed with vertical lines, creating texture. I would not consider this sculpture stylized; however, it can be idealized in the fact that it reflects the set of ideas of freedom, democracy and the beliefs held by all of us in this country. The features of her, as stated before, are naturalistic and can be seen on a "common person"- although, the scale of this statue is enormous but not in proportion to our ideas for which she represents.

A-Head of the Game

The French artist known as Shaka portrays the human head in an interesting fashion. To create her 3d paintings she begins by sculpting right onto the canvas. She then covers the raised portions with layers of paint to create the unique effect. By using actual texture as well as sculpture combined with painting Shaka has created a piece that really "comes alive". The abstractness of the shapes that the colors create on the face make it difficult to determine how realistic one might consider this work.

Giant Baby Head

This sculpture of a baby's head is very realistic and is also an example of extra ordinary versions of ordinary objects. The scale of this baby head is enormous compared to an actual baby. The details of the shadings really help for this to look so realistic. Because this is 3D you are able to move around and and really observe and compare it to a real baby. The texture of the skin appears smooth which is very real. All of the facial features appear to be proportional. This is a really strong piece of art.
-Michelle Ketcham