Each week will have a theme or a question that relates to the course content.
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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Group Activity

This work is called The Garden of Paradise and it is a multimedia montage. There are many flower patterns throughout the photo. The colors are pretty dull. The bottom two pictures within the work are very naturalistic. The one on the left portrays a hut and has some marble tiles. The one on the right looks like two trees with a lake showing their reflection. In the one on the left there is perspective being used because the tiles are getting smaller and smaller the further away they are. The focus seems to be on the hut.

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Garden of Paradise

The piece has many interesting aspects to it. I chose to focus on the lower left corner. This is a photograph so there is realism in the way it is portrayed. One particularly notable part of it is the vanishing point seen when looking at the black and white squares, they seem to draw the eye upward and to the right. This black and white checkerboard is also a pattern. Patterns are used throughout this piece, including the background text which unifies the work.

Lahore, City of Saints

This art was a multimedia montage--meaning, it was constructed of an actual photo, drawings, and writing. The first thing I noticed about the piece was its color. The art as a whole had very dull and unsaturated colors, mostly consisting of orange and green. Also, most of the color was in the middle of the piece (where the photo is), while a lot of negative space took up the outside of the work.

--Alexis Swoyer

Group work

Our group selected this piece. It is an abstract that contains symmetrical balance. Its pattern,visual rhythm and repetition gives this piece unity. It containes lines and organic shapes. The focal point seems to be the center of the piece where the implied negative lines meet. It also contains implied shapes: squares and diamonds. The red is used as negative space.

Our group's selected piece

In this piece which is titled "In the courtyard of the Hazrat Mian Mir Shrine, Lahore, Pakistan", the feathers on the birds have texture, making it look like you could reach out and touch them. Also, we thought that the birds toward the bottom and the direction all of the birds are facing, which the towards the left, represents a pattern. The scale of the piece is obviously much larger than a regular photograph and may even be larger than the birds actually would be in reality. There is also  implied motion of the birds flying and walking around.


In the courtyard of the Hazrat Mian Mir Shrine, Lahore, Pakistan

In this photo there is movement moving up toward the left side. The horizon line is positioned so that it is not directly in the center of the picture. This allows for the birds to appear as if they are moving upward. There is much texture shown in this piece. It appears on the ground with the grainy gravel and on the the birds wings. Each feather is clear and focused so you are able to see grooves and depth.
-Michelle Ketcham

Group Work

 John Marchetti

This piece has a alot going on in it. It is mostly made up of warm colors like red, orange, and yellow. It also has alot of diagonal lines, which shows movement. It is also lighter on top than it is in the middle and the bottom, which shows visual weight. Most of the weight is in the middle, which balances this peice. Lastly, it is both organic and geometric. The shapes on the outside of the sphere is geometric and the inside of the sphere is organic.

Art Gallery Activity

Patricia, Sara, and Sarah

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Implied Depth and Space

This image is a great example of implied depth and space. The image is of a grassy field that looks like it goes forever until it meets with the horizon. A the sun sets, things closer to the bottom of the picture (Things drawn to be closer to you) are darker. As you move farther back in the photo (Things moving away from you) the things seem to get a little lighter due to the closeness of the sun setting. Also the flowers at the bottom of this painting are clearer then what is towards the top. This is what naturally would happen if you were in this field. Love this painting.

This picture is an oil painting of a swampy tree filled landscape with a sunset in the background. The way that the trees are positioned creates the illusion of implied space and depth. The viewer’s eye is drawn to the sun in the background where it creates a vanishing point. The picture also utilizes atmospheric perspective in the background where trees in the distance have a blue tint and they blend together.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Linear Perspective

The painting School of Athens by Raphael, is a great example of linear perspective. In the painting the main focus are the two men in the middle, who have the most vibrant colored clothing, and are in the center of the picture. Everything goes straight to them, making them the focul point.