Each week will have a theme or a question that relates to the course content.
Every student will contribute one blog post per week, due by 11:59 pm on the Monday night before class.

Your posts should include images, a short text, and your name.

Monday, May 7, 2012


For my final blog i decided to talk about a place that i have always wanted to visit my entire life. This is LEGOLAND. Legoland is located in Florida, and displays many different forms of art through mostly architectural styles. In Legoland, along with a bunch of different amusement rides, they have amazing Lego structures throughout the entire park. When i was younger I was a big fan of Lego's and building all different possibilities with 
the Legos, and one day i will make it to Legoland to admire the great architectural art pieces. 

Final Blog

For the final blog, I chose to post an art form that is different from most other forms. This art form is video. Videos utilize the formal element of elapsed time through actual time being displayed in some way. This video is one that I came across on stumbleupon.com.  I found this video to be quite funny. This is one form of art that anyone can appreciate, even without basic art knowledge.

Final Post

For my last post, I wanted to display my love for Taylor Swift, through a portrait of her. It was made with a few different kinds of pencils including 8b, 6b, 3b, hb and 2h. It's truly amazing how the artist captured all of the details of her hair and face just by using a variety of hard and soft pencils. 8b is the softest, or darkest when pressed on paper while 2h is the hardest. This portrait expresses her true beauty :)

Final Post

This painting is called Tropical Paradise by Linda Paul and is painted using egg tempera. Besides the unusual material used to create this painting ,summer is almost here and this painting really caught my eye. Very excited for summer and being on the beach all season. Have a good summer everybody.