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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Craft vs. Fine Art

 As we discussed in class, there is a clear distinction between craft and fine art. Crafts can generally be easily replicated and mass produced, allowing many people to have a piece of the art. Fine art is usually intended to be an original, having only one in existence. However, both require the same type of creativity and thought process. Craft and fine art are extremely similar in how they are created but differ in how they are presented. Crafts are usually treated as something less important than fine art because they are easy to obtain and do not usually cost much. I don't think that is really a fair distinction because they both posses someone's creativity and idea.


How craft is different from fine art

The line between craft and fine art is thin.  However, there is a clear distinction.  For example, this flag made of rice was probably made on a mass production, whereas a flag that may have been created in a lithograph was made once, then mass produced.  Craft is even more different as not much talent is needed for it as any first-grader can probably make a hand print turkey then color it in.  A drawing, on the other hand, takes detail and precision which only a few people have both qualities.  This attention to detail and precision is what separates these two art forms.

M Rizzi

Thursday, April 19, 2012

fine art vs. craft

Fine art and craft can have the same meaning to some.  For example, the picture shown is a type of craft because it uses a set of skills to create their artwork.  But I also see these crafts as fine art because they possess a type of beauty.  Especially a craft such as glassblowing, not any piece is the same because the glass or colors may work differently; which makes them beautifully unique.  The differences I see with fine art and crafts is that fine art tends to be more expensive and crafts are handmade and less expensive.  Either way, I think that crafts should be considered fine arts also because they have unique qualities.


Craft vs. Fine Art

I really do not see the distinction between craft and fine art.  While craft is something that is usable and art may be something pretty to look at it doesn’t mean that the useable craft item isn’t a piece of art.  For example this tea pot; it has beautiful paintings on it, but is considered a craft.  It can be just as admired though as a painting or sculpture.

Craft vs Fine art

Many people do not realize that crafts, most of the time are really works of art. Crafters need skill and creativity to create pieces of art just like a painter or sculpture would. Art is extremely opinionated. What may please one persons taste in art may disgrace another's. In my opinion I believe when done sophisticatedly, crafts can be just as valuable as the paintings seen in museums. Art is in the eye or the beholder. Crafts differ from fine art in their place in our world. It is unusual to see crafting in museums just as it is extremely rare to see fine art at say a craft fair. Yet both are forms of art meant to be appreciated and valued to those who find them to satisfy their need of art in life.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Craft Vs. Fine Art

What makes a piece of artwork craft or fine art is all subjective. The perfect example of this is Jackson Pollock's paintings. When I look at the top painting, I wouldn't think anything of it. Well in 2006, this piece sold for 140 million, making it one of the most expensive pieces ever sold. I find this funny because it has many similarities to the piece underneath it, yet its only a paint splatter craft. Yes, Pollock's piece has technics that he used to make it, but its still very similar to the piece underneath it. So what makes something sell for 140 million or 5 dollars is all up to how people perceive it. Its amazing how everyone views art differently.

- John Marchetti

Fine Art and Craft

The debate between fine art and craft can be perfectly rationalized by simply looking at and understanding jewelry. In my opinion, just like most art, the difference between the two ideas depends on the person. However, no one can deny the truth--while homemade jewelry may be fun and crafty, much of it can also be fine art. It has true beauty and meaning, and most importantly, it was made from a person with love, not a mechanical machine. Just as the picture shows, this is a handmade necklace, yet each flower is so artfully done, it looks realistic. And together, the flowers make a cross. On the back of the necklace, the words "this is love" appear. Personally, I would consider this art, made my a delightfully artist person.

Fine Art

In my opinion the distinction between fine art and crafts art is completely up to the individual. While someone might see one thing as inspiring or breathtaking other might see it as just another work of art. Fine art is about meaning being the piece and the feeling when the piece of art is seen but it can also be present with craft art as well. Fine art is said to make a statement but I think its based on opinion. Craft art can have that same effect on an individual based on their personal opinion and style. So overall I don't think there is a set distinction between the two types of art in society. This piece is a photograph which can be defined as fine art because of its meaning of poverty and about the working class but others may see it as just a meaningless photo just proving how opinions is what determines whether it is considered fine art or just another craft art.

Many people always consider what the difference is between a craft and fine art. To me, the difference is based on the person and their views. If someone sees an amazing piece of jewelry that takes their breath away and is amazed at the detail of the work then to them it can be considered fine art, along with a famous sculpture such as The Pieta, pictured above. I think they are treated differently because people see fine art as a piece of art that has a statement and is possibly historic and expensive, where crafts can be found at an art store like Michaels or A.C. Moore. I think people determine themselves what they consider to be fine art and crafts based on how they feel about certain objects and meanings. A person can view a fine art and get the same feeling as seeing a craft someone created and realizing that both pieces say something to the viewer and have meaning and boldness.
-Rose Migliara

Craft vs. Fine art

In the book, it emphasized that after the renaissance, painting, drawing, and sculpture had more esteem than hand craft works like (carpentry, glassmaking, etc). During the time of the industrial revolution, people were trying to reinvigorate society's appreciation for handmade craft type objects. Today, I do not see a generalized societal value distinction between the two types of art.  I know many people who prefer 3-d crafts to a standard painting or drawing.  They like the fact that the artist has to manipulate the materials in order to get the desired result.  Some of the art has a utility function also, which is a desirable attribute.  So I do not see a separation between the two. My grandmother did handmade sculpture and pottery in her free time and I like drawing.  It is wholly dependent on the individual. In reference to these 2 works, I prefer the box to Munch's work because I feel that the box is nicer and I do not like to think about spooky things. 


This is a picture I took a couple months ago of a dog named Dallas. The back-story here is that I work at the Monmouth County SPCA. Dallas was one of the dogs we had available and ended up becoming my favorite. I had a huge soft spot for him and his huge ears. At the end of every day I would visit him to hang out before we closed down for the night. I love all animals but I didn't think I'd become so attached to one at the shelter. One weekend when I was home I found out that Dallas had been adopted. It was such a bittersweet moment because although I'd miss him, it felt great to know that he had a family that could give him affection all the time. I love this picture in particular because he looks so happy and like a goofball. This was his true nature even though some people were wary of him because he is part pit bull. I miss Dallas a lot but seeing this picture on my phone always makes me smile.

Monday, April 16, 2012

60th Anniversary

This is a picture that i took of my grandparent's anniversary cake. This weekend, we celebrated my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary.  My mother, the 3rd daughter had a cake made at a local bakery of their original wedding picture.  After they re-newed their wedding vows at the church in which they have been attending since 1955, they were presented at my Aunt loren's house with this cake. They were in shock and truly appreciated it. I took this picture in order to preserve this moment in our family's history even after my grandparent's will pass. I love them very much and they have done very much for my family. 60 years of marriage is truly an accomplishment that every person can truly admire.

Clown Fish

This is a picture of my clown fishes first encounter with its host anemone. All clown fish as they grow host an anemone and they use this as a home. This being my clown fishes first encounter with it i figured i would take a picture of it. I believe with this picture I captured a special moment. This moment only happens once in this fishes lifetime and for me to take a picture to remember it really seemed special. The fish seems very nervous in the picture compared to the way it swims all around the anemone now and I still find it interesting to look at this picture and see how timid the fish is. This picture truly captured a moment that can not be duplicated for this individual fish and I am very happy that I did actually capture it.


This picture was taken to capture a memory. It was a candid shot taken with a digital camera. The memory was of my high school graduation. We had been posing all day, so it was nice to capture a picture where we were natural and it turned out to be out favorite picture. It signified the relationship that we all had, representing us in different ways.

self thinker

This is a picture I took of myself with my laptop. I don’t really take any pictures and I don’t have a camera or even a camera on my phone. I was in the library and I didn’t know how well I could explain a picture of a white wall so you were unfortunate enough to get a picture of me. In this picture I tried to capture the appearance of depth with the reflection of lights on the whiteboard. (linear perspective) I also tried to create angles and interest by adding the glasses which I normally do not wear.

This was a series of pictures I took of my baby cousin. In one of my first couple of blogs I posted a picture from the time when I took these. It wasn't particularly staged. I just snapped away at my cousin while he tried to recognize the teddy bear, then he got all excited once he did. The pure joy is what makes me love these pictures. As a baby, everyone is so excited about everything they discover and there's an innocence to it all.