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Saturday, March 31, 2012

conceptual art

This piece is by Lawrence Weiner. His art is always consisting of words. He uses phrases to challenge what the viewer thinks about art. They are usually descriptive, things like "a cup of sea water poured upon the floor" or "learn to read art"It is just thoughts, words on paper, but he makes it art simply by saying it is.


Friday, March 30, 2012

Conceptual Art

This is a conceptual art installation by Bill Shackleford called "Spamtrap." It gives a tangible form to spam emails. He sets up email accounts and posts on online bulletin boards to lure in the spam. He set the installation to print and shred each email as it arrives. After the spam has been shredded it is recycled. This is a very interesting and interactive way to look at conceptual art because the spam is being turned from virtual paper to real paper that you can dispose of, right before your eyes. It may not play with your emotions or make you dig deep, but it is definitely cool to look at and we can all relate to the annoying spam emails we receive on a regular basis. Technology can do some pretty crazy things.


Bob Marley ladies and gentleman.  This is an awesome capture of him and you really get the feeling of whatever song he is singing.  The shading done in the background to make it look like the stage lights are shining down on him make you feel like you are on stage with him.  The highlights in his hair also give a sense of the lights of the state as well; the values and blending of the lines in the hair help create a realistic portrait.  He is an incredible musician and this drawing captures just that.


Conceptual Art

The meaning of this painting is writen in clear text on the poster this man is holding.  He doenst need to show you his work, what he uses to create, or anything else; and we know he is an artist.  On the other hand, he might just be an ordinary man who doesnt particularly create art, but is an artist in a different way.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Conceptual Art

This piece of conceptual art by Yoko Ono, A Box of Smile is a chrome box engraved with the words “A BOX OF SMILE”.  The box opens to a mirror inside.  This piece is not particularly meant to have aesthetic beauty but the importance of the meaning behind it.  I feel that the artist is saying that all you have to do is smile and you will have all the “smile” that you need.  You don’t need to acquire smiles you just need to be happy and look at yourself in the mirror to see a smile.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Conceptual Art

This piece of art is called "Painting to Hammer a Nail", is made by Yoko Ono. However, she wasn't the only one to make this. Her idea on this piece was to have her audience help create it. She left a can of nails and a hammer and told her audience to nail something that they had on the wall. Soon enough it looked like this. Yoko's only request was that the material should be returned to her when the exhibit ended. I think this is an interesting idea because its interactive with the viewer. Instead of just looking at what an artist does, you get to help create the finish product, which is a pretty cool idea. This is much different than any other types of art we have learned already because you get to help create what the piece turns out to be.
- John Marchetti

Conceptual Art - Martha Wilson

I can't help but start out and say how hard I laugh when I see this image. This is why i chose Martha Wilson as my conceptual artist to blog about. This image is called "I Have Become My Own Worst Fear". All of her art work is about how women change as they grow old and want to do nothing but change themselves. This is an example of conceptual art because of the previous sentence. All of her art work is about one concept, in women never seeing themselves as pretty as they age and wanting to change themselves with makeups and surgeries and creams that do not work. This art is something all women can relate to. Even being only 20 years young, I am consistently thinking about how everything I do will only leave more wrinkles on my forehead later on in life. Her art leaves a message to everyone to laugh about how involved we get in our self image to and to try and break away from it. This is what we see as ugly in aging, but hey we can't stop gravity from working her magic.

Spiral Jetty

This sculpture was done by Robert Smithson.  He is an earthwork sculpture, who uses the earth to make something amazing.  This spiral was constructed on the northeastern shore of the Great Salt Lake, Utah.  The spiral has been submerged and uncovered many times since its construction due to water levels rising and falling.  It was constructed in April of 1970 and only took six days to make. I think this work is beautiful because it is adding to the natural beauty of earth and looks amazing.  This is different from other forms of work because it makes such a great impact on the world. It is pleasing to the eye, functional, and send s a message.


Conceptual Art

Philip Warbasse started a project in 2005, asking countless people on the Venice Beach boardwalk to put their wish down on paper, as he took a photograph. At first, it started as fun, but he said he soon felt an emotional connection to everyone he met. These photographs allow everyday people, of all demographics, to express their deepest thoughts in simplified photos. Each black and white photo looks the same, with a single person holding a large white paper in front of any backdrop (where ever he ran into the subjects). The importance is not in the final product, but instead the emotions they trigger. The artist's goal is to change people by allowing them to understand each other, and forget the preconceived notions and stereotypes that run the world.

I thought this project was very interesting, so if you want to take a look at the site, here it is: 

--Alexis Swoyer

John Cage's Eninka #35

I find this piece by John Cage to be quite interesting.  This piece looks almost as if he took paper and cut pieces of it up and burned the edges of the pieces of paper.  It almost reminds me of the paper that is used to create scrolls as well.  It looks as if it has that same texture and same darkened edges.  Another item this reminds me of is a map.  It looks as if there would be countries/islands represented by the paper and the white negative spaces being water.  This piece of work helps us to really think about what we see than what is actually presented before us and use our imagination to see.

M Rizzi

Conceptual art

This piece was done by a conceptual artist named Martha Wilson. Conceptual art focuses on an idea and this photo does just that. It focuses on the idea of women aging and growing old. Martha focuses on women's idea of wanting Botox or surgery to revise their face. This type of conceptual art is different from traditional art in the sense that we can actually relate to it because of it being from present day and with a focused obvious idea behind it. More traditional based work focus on color and setting rather than the core idea behind it. Conceptual art almost sends more of a strong message to the viewer  rather than just a pretty site.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This sculpture was created by Federico Uribe, and is made from colored pencils and plastic ties. The artist does many sculptures using colored pencils and calls them pencillism sculptures. This piece of art is a form of conceptual art because the viewer focuses more on how the piece was created and is amazed by the amount of pencils and the colors. This design is not the usual artwork done on paper or created with paint or pencils, it is 3-d and uses real objects.
-Rose Migliara

Conceptual based art

Tino Sehgal is a conceptual artist that likes to do art based on people's performances with the environment.  Sometimes, the viewer is also a part of the art without knowing that they are.  Here, this piece pf art is called Kiss 2004, a performance based art at the Guggenheim museum. The 2 kissers did that for longer than an hour straight. An article about Tino states, "Tino Sehgal specializes in “situations”. A student of dance and political economics, Sehgal enlists performers (some professional, some not) to participate in events that actively set out to involve the viewer."(mnaves.wordpress.com)  I think this type of art should be equated to onstage productions- just that they are off stage and injected into real-life situations. It is pretty cool and it makes viewers remember it more.

Disney Drawing

This drawing was done by a character creator for Disney Imagineering. It was done fully in colored pencil, you can see the dark shading used for parts that were going to be darker than others. Also the negative space gives a focus to character only, although it is only a rough sketch of what might be. The use of lines is definitely apparent curved lines and straight lines were both used as the designer had to follow the contour, and the outline of the character was also drawn over multiple times to define it better.

Monday, March 26, 2012

This Renaissance painting by Picasso is an oil painting on canvas. He uses the circular movements of his paint brush, as well as contour lines to create shapes such as the houses and the moon. This painting was to portray the realization of Earth that he came to recognize after he saw God in his life.

Creek through Crayons

The piece of art that I chose for this weeks blog is one that is created by the artist John Stuart. John Stuart is of scottish descent but is now living in Tennessee as a pastor. In the picture, he decides to use dry media to create his drawing of a creek. What is special about his drawings are that although they are made of crayon, he is attempting to make chalk like drawings.  This is a process that he calls "digital glass" because he first used these chalk-like crayons to create stained glass patterns for his church.  By completing drawings in this way, they are very close to becoming 3-dimensional which even include texture. I believe that in this specific drawing, the media used truly helps the drawing appear more life like, as if the water is truly moving.


This drawing is entitled, "Tanzerin (Dancer)" by Vaslow Nijinsky (Russian, 1917-18), and is composed of chalk, pastel and pencil on paper.
The use of the curly, curving lines shows and depicts movement of the human body through space in the art of dance. I believe by using white chalk, it created an airiness and lightness of the dancer's movements, the black pencil creating the defining lines of the arm movements and her garments; her free-flowing hair is the yellow shade, the coral line could represent the outline of her costume or dress's movement.



This is a drawing made by Efcruz. It's called "Commission Portrait" and was made with a dry media (charcoal pencil) on canson paper. it's 15" x 20".  I chose to the picture on the site that had the original photo to show how realistic the drawing is. If it was done in a liquid media, I think it would not look as great as it does. The shading is just done so well that it's just amazing.
-Tara A