Each week will have a theme or a question that relates to the course content.
Every student will contribute one blog post per week, due by 11:59 pm on the Monday night before class.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


This piece is called "Nutcracker" by Laurie Lipton. It was done using only pencil on paper. This drawing uses a lot of lines and shapes, to outline a story. It especially shows the importance of shading and value. Considering this was all done using pencil, the artist was able to shade objects and not only make them differentiate from each other, but actually look realistic. Even just by looking at the bricks in the walls, each and every one is shaded differently and outlined so exactly, its obvious this took a lot of time. She also incorporates shadows and overlapping to imply space. This was the best technique, or media, to use since she has so much detail in just one drawing. If she had used charcoal or ink, it would have been a completely different piece of art, probably with less detail.

--Alexis Swoyer

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