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Sunday, April 22, 2012


Craft and fine art are two forms of artistic expression that both present beautiful works but are viewed differently by those who buy them.  Fine art is viewed and purchased for its artistic qualities alone.  A beautiful painting is not bought because it serves some functional purpose but because it is pleasing to look at and would look good in a museum or home.  Fine art is made to be viewed and appreciated while craft is made for a functional purpose.  Craft art start out as something that will serve a purpose such as a chair or jewelry box.  It is then craved, painted, or altered to add some sort of pattern or design to it in order to turn it into art.  These designs and additions do not change the functional purpose of the craft but simply turn it into more of a piece of art.  The example of craft I chose is this wood carved jewelry box.  Before it was carved, this jewelry box was just a plain box with drawers and no design.  It served a functional purpose but was not necessarily anything spectacular to look at.  Once it was carved and had a design added to it, it became a piece of art but the functionality of it was not changed.  It still serves the purpose it was originally built for.

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