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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Content: The Human Head

This scuplture is entitled "Head of a Girl" by Alphonse Mucha. This sculpture was composed in 1900 and is made of bronze, silver, and parcel gilt. The scale of the piece is 29 x 10 x 22. Mucha's scultpure is stylized. The title even suggests that the piece is stylized because it is just "a girl" not a specific person. Mucha decorates the girl with a headdress that makes her appear regal, though still not identifiable as a certain person. The girl's face is very symmetrical which adds to her beauty. Her eyes are also closed displaying a sort of calm despite her warrior-like accessories. Since Mucha uses silver and bronze, the light reflects off the scultpure, highlighting certain parts, such as the cheeks, of the girl's face. Mucha had considered lighting when making this piece. The symmetrical nature of this piece implies balance as well.

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  1. Great observations using the formal elements Sara Jane. And good for you for noticing the clue in the title.


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