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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


As soon as we started talking about paintings and sculptures of heads in class, the first example that poked its way into my head was the head of Abraham Lincoln on the Lincoln Memorial.  This head is one that can be described as both realistic and also idealized.  It is realistic because it is an accurate (in terms of detail) sculpture based on a specific historical figure.  The features of this sculpture are very realistic as the viewer can see the texture of Lincoln's face and facial hair.  He is also made with the facial expression that is the same as the one he is wearing in many photographs.  This tells the viewer that this is a real expression and is not simply made up by the sculptor.  However this statue can also be considered idealized because of the larger-than-life scale it was made to.  This is a massive statue that represents the power and influence that Lincoln led this country with during his presidency.  The size of the sculpture shows how influential Lincoln was during his time and the importance that this country puts on remembering him as a great leader.

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