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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Alaskan Cruise - Tracy Arms Fjord

Our vacation last year was a cruise in Alaska. This photo was taken from the ship's deck as we made our way along the Tracy Arms Fjord. This passageway is very narrow for a cruise ship to maneuver. The pieces of ice that are in the water are what has been broken from the glacier at the very end of the passageway in the center of the photo, at the "V" of the mountain of rock.  It was an early morning voyage, so with the sun at just the right angle it created the mirror reflection in the water, as well as the shadowing on the mountain side. This was taken to commemorate this leg of our voyage, to view nature and a part of our country in it's glorious splendor. This photo could be considered a piece of emphemeral art as it changes constantly.

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