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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Craft vs. Fine art

In the book, it emphasized that after the renaissance, painting, drawing, and sculpture had more esteem than hand craft works like (carpentry, glassmaking, etc). During the time of the industrial revolution, people were trying to reinvigorate society's appreciation for handmade craft type objects. Today, I do not see a generalized societal value distinction between the two types of art.  I know many people who prefer 3-d crafts to a standard painting or drawing.  They like the fact that the artist has to manipulate the materials in order to get the desired result.  Some of the art has a utility function also, which is a desirable attribute.  So I do not see a separation between the two. My grandmother did handmade sculpture and pottery in her free time and I like drawing.  It is wholly dependent on the individual. In reference to these 2 works, I prefer the box to Munch's work because I feel that the box is nicer and I do not like to think about spooky things. 

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