Each week will have a theme or a question that relates to the course content.
Every student will contribute one blog post per week, due by 11:59 pm on the Monday night before class.

Your posts should include images, a short text, and your name.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

my photo

 I took this picture of my dad and sister two summers ago.  The three of us went to Myrtle Beach for a short vacation before everyone went back to school.  It was early in the evening and the sun was still up so we went to the beach.  My  dad and sister walked out to the water and I saw this moment of them just standing close so I thought it was a good moment.  They get on each others nerves a lot so this was a moment I wanted to remember to see that it could exist.  That is why this picture is meaningful to me. It is capturing a moment in a simple but precious way.

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