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Monday, April 9, 2012

Screen Printed T-shirts

These two shirts are T-shirts which my friend and I created when we started our company We Are Martians and were screen printed. The logos are designed by us and then sent to a company who puts the design and the shirt into the screen printer and then the logos are printed on.

Dan Schneider


  1. you should have told us! we could learn about more about the process and you could promote your company!

  2. I actually do not know too much about the process, we just make the design and send it the company. Then I think they take are design and convert it to make it ready for the screen printer and they put whatever color T-shirts we want through the press and the machine presses the image onto the shirt. Our company is We Are Martians and we do have a website www.weamclothing.com. We have shirts for guys and girls and recently came out with snapback hats. Feel free to check out the website and our other designs. If you would like to purchase something you can use my promo code "slidur1" for a 10% discount off your total purchase.


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