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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Woodcut Print

This is a woodcut print done by artist Tom Killion and is part of his series called "The High Sierra Series".  I chose this particular piece because it portrays a very beautiful view and has a lot of detail in it.  The trees and mountains in this piece are made with a lot of attention to detail which makes the piece even more impressive because those details were not drawn directly onto the canvas but were carved into a block of wood and then printed.  The artist uses line in the piece to help direct the viewers eye from the mountains in the front left to the skyline in the back right.  The tops of the mountains are a good example of the lines used because they are what make the piece flow from left to right.  The color scheme in this piece is made up of primarily different shades and tints of blue with black for the mountains and trees and a light yellow for part of the sky.  The use of different shades and tints of the same color helps create unity throughout the piece.

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  1. beautiful! It reminds me of the Japanese Prints.


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