Each week will have a theme or a question that relates to the course content.
Every student will contribute one blog post per week, due by 11:59 pm on the Monday night before class.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

The Need for Art

I chose a time-lapse video from a photographer Randy Halverson. I believe the video represents: extra-ordinary versions of ordinary objects, record and commemorate, to give tangible form to the unknown, and to refresh our vision and see the world in a new way. The video show us the workings of the universe. Only if one is in a place where close to no bright lights are around in close perimeters, such as NYC, then they would never be able to see the same views as the ones in the video. The video could make one think of how small we are compared to the rest of the things in the universe, such as the wonder of the Milky Way. When I first saw these video, I was basically awestruck. I had never seen time-lapse videos of nature before and it was breathtaking.This is actually the first one I've ever seen.
 -Tara A.
Photographers Alex Cherney  and Terje Sorgjerd also have some really great time-lapse videos also.

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