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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


This drawing is called "The Citadel of Fear" by Virgil Finlay. Right away, it is quite easy to point out the major content in the work, such as the woman and the large hand reaching out to her. However, if you look closer, this drawing was done completely by drawing lines, aka hatching. She used 4 different styles of hatching (such as cross-hatching) while working on this particular piece. Even though its only in black and white, the artist was very particular in shading. By putting the lines closer together and repeating this process (the more times they go over it, the darker it becomes), the artist makes different objects stand out from each other. Or, if you look at the pillow, the artist used less lines and drew them further apart to create a lighter shade. Nothing is actually outlined with contour lines, but in this case, it is not needed. The artist did a marvelous job in shading and hatching that depth and content are easily visible.

--Alexis Swoyer

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