Each week will have a theme or a question that relates to the course content.
Every student will contribute one blog post per week, due by 11:59 pm on the Monday night before class.

Your posts should include images, a short text, and your name.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hey I'm J.D.!

Hey everyone I'm Julio Luca, but my nickname is J.D. ( cause my middle name is Daniel hence the D). I am a freshman and majoring in Political Science. I grew up in Brooklyn, NY and moved to Marlboro in 2005, where i commute from to school. I love the Mets, Jets, Knicks, and Rangers. I come from a family that loves Disney World and we go twice a year, its pretty awesome. I had some art classes and high school along with some experience in Art History. I want to learn more about the historical aspect of art this semester and connect it to the time period it comes from.

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