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Friday, January 20, 2012

Remembrance and Commemoration: WTC Memorial, Ten Years Later

The WTC Memorial holds a special place in my heart for several reasons.  Sadly as a result of these attacks, many of us have lost loved ones, family and friends.  The memorial in particular is a beautiful place to record and commemorate the events of a day that will never be forgotten.  I hope and predict that in the very distant future that this memorial remains untouched and left in its original condition.  On the day of the attacks many people used art to express their emotions and support for those who mourned the losses of loved ones and for their own comforts.  Now, ten years later, I saw many people sketching over the names of their loved ones in order to frame it and hold onto their spirit in some way (see photo, Google searched).  In addition to the commemoration, the WTC Memorial is a beautiful park that houses a museum and two fountains in place of the original towers.  Each of the fountains are surrounded by the names of the 3,000 + lost lives.  The details are amazing at this memorial.  The names of the lost lives are lit up, while the fountains flow water into a large basin in which the tower sat and then a smaller basin that appears dark.  Though the memorial may bring sadness upon us, it truly is a beautiful place to commemorate and record a day in history.  Take a look at this book: Art for Heart: Remembering 9/11.

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