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Monday, January 30, 2012

Beauty Right In Front Of Me

Beauty. It can be different to everyone and is said to be "in the eye of the beholder." I myself find many things to be beautiful, but everything I find to be beautiful have something in common. They all are things that can convey emotions. This doesn't have to mean you are moved to tears when you see these things, but you get a feeling inside that before seeing whatever you are seeing, you we not feeling before. We all look around our world everyday without seeing the true beauty in it. When I walk out of my dorm to see the beautiful campus Monmouth has, I admit I take it for granted. It conveys beauty through its landscape held up to the standards of perfection, and the old buildings that have had thousands of people walk in and out of them. Every spot on this campus has had some sort of special purpose for someone leaving them with an emotion. Whenever I go to walk through the tunnel and see "Carpe Diem" above me, I get a feeling of wanting to be myself, so my best, and live everyday as if it were my last. Sad or happy, emotions are natural and beautiful, because without emotion, I believe art would not exist.

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