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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Form and Style post

This is a Pollock painting but it is not one of his famous drip paintings.  This 2-D oil on canvas painting is an abstract style because color is played with and shapes are recurring throughout the piece. It's composition is not exactly symmetrical but it does have a lot of recurring brushstrokes that make the appearance of  waves in the theme. I believe it is nonrepresentational art because figures are seen in it.  So, he had a purpose in creating the work and it it not without an artistic direction. The content of the piece is what the viewer makes of it. I see flowers, but Pollock named the piece Ocean Greyness and he said that the circular things are eyes. To me the eyes are flowers and the piece says "life is a balance of light and shadow, good and bad, (flowers and water)". To others, the piece may say something else. -AnnMarie Pollock

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  1. Nice Work AnnMarie. Good to see a Pollock work of a different style.


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