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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Art by Emily Hoy

This piece is by one of my favorite contemporary artists Emily Hoy. Although I greatly appreciate representational art, I am fascinated by the abstract types of art that defy reality. Emily Hoy undoubtably has a certain style that is shown throughout all of her work. She always uses many bright colors, text, and geometric shapes. In addition, lips seem to always make their way into her pieces. As a viewer, I see the subject matter of this work of art to be how women can be seen as objects. On the top, there are two girls with just their bodies being shown, and their faces covered with lips. Also, the lipstick and words "flash" and "pump"reveal stereotypes about women. The large image of the tiger in the center may mean that women are stronger than they are perceived to be.

- Melissa Mastrorilli

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