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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Two Sisters

This is the painting "The Two Sisters" by Jean Baptiste Claude Richard in 1770. This is a representational painting and I'm not entirely sure about which kind of paint it is but I think it's oil. It is obviously representational because it shows these two girls much like they would look in the real world. As for the content, it looks like two French, wealthy little girls who are playing with their toys. There is some sort of horse on wheels they are both leaning on and underneath that, there is a doll. The further back one looks like she is telling her sister something but the sister is looking straight at whoever is painting them. There is also light shining on the girls, the front one in particular, making them the focus of the painting. I could see this painting being interpreted as symmetrical because there is some sort of protruding shape on either side with the girls heads in the middle. It has a very innocent and carefree feel to it, possibly reflecting the feelings of the children.

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  1. Nice work Leah. We'll start to see how light is an important element.


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