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Thursday, February 2, 2012


The image that is shown is a realistic representational image because it shows the realism in an iceberg. The fact that you can see the bottom of the iceberg is a little abstract, however it is still realistic due to the fact that it is a real thing and the only reason the artist is showing the bottom is to be informative and show the viewer that there is more to be seen then just what meets the eye. The form of this image seems to be a large iceberg directly centered to add to the pictures effect that the iceberg is large. The image almost seems as though its a photograph however it has been edited because there is no way you could see the bottom of the iceberg through the frozen water. The blue in the iceberg really adds to the pictures form as well because everything in the picture is blue from the sky, to the water, to the actual iceberg itself. The context of this work tells me that this image must have been made sometime in recent history because a long time ago they did not have the digital technology to make this iceberg appear the way it is. This image truly interests me because it shows something that most people will never know in their entire lives unless a true artist shows them such as in this picture. 

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