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Friday, February 24, 2012

Art Gallery Activity

Patricia, Sara, and Sarah


  1. This picture is simple but holds many art elements within it. First it shows actual lines. Secondly it has many geometric squares in it. You can see that in the bottom of the picture and also on the border. The squares are turned sideways to make diamonds, but its still the same shape with four sides. It uses blue, one of the primary colors. By using only blue, the artist achieves a cool tone picture. It also has much negative space. All the blue area is negative space. This piece of art is very much flat, but is still attractive and intriguing to the eye.

  2. The colors in this piece are very striking, though there are only two- white and blue. The colors in the piece are picked up in the frame. Both the frame and the work complement each other. The negative space is the blue. The artist clearly thought about the negative space because it also conforms to geometric shapes. One of the most obvious elements of this piece are the lines. The lines form geometric shapes and are thick-like how contour lines would be. There is also implied line because all together the blue forms a square-also made up of lines. The matte used to back the piece also makes the blue appear like it's own square. The frame complements this idea of squares alternating in dominant colors of blue and white.


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