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Friday, February 24, 2012

Group Work

 John Marchetti

This piece has a alot going on in it. It is mostly made up of warm colors like red, orange, and yellow. It also has alot of diagonal lines, which shows movement. It is also lighter on top than it is in the middle and the bottom, which shows visual weight. Most of the weight is in the middle, which balances this peice. Lastly, it is both organic and geometric. The shapes on the outside of the sphere is geometric and the inside of the sphere is organic.


  1. AnnMarie Pollock
    The piece is very heavy because it is full of layers of shapes, both organic and geometric as John pointed out. The triangles with flowers in it are repeated throughout the piece and it is very symmetrical. There are 7 circles and this plays on the rule of odds. There is a sense of overall visual rhythm because shapes, colors, and placement of these items is repeated over and over in the piece.

    1. also, in response to the objective and subjective meaning of the piece: i believe that the objective stimuli is that there are warm feelings, flowery patterns, and geometric shapes that are imitations of a quilt type of work. Subjectively, I think that the piece seems like the sun because the piece is orange, red, and yellow, the circles are repeated, and the piece shows the importance of the middle sun like figure to the flowers and figures around it. Its rays of light seem to penetrate the rest of the picture.

  2. The piece also has relieve symmetry. Both sides are kind of the same with slight differences. There is also alot of repeated patterns with the flowers, shapes, and white circles in the center. There is also emphasis on the big circle in the center of the piece. There is also some foreshortening slightly with some of the shapes on the bottom. One other thing that one can notice when looking at it for a while is the rule of odds with the white circles overlapping around the center; there are six circles overlapping each other but then yet one more in the middle under the main focus.

    -Tara Alves

  3. The dark red symbols in the center are Arabic letters, written in calligraphic form for: "When the Sufi speaks it is the truth. When the Sufi is silent he is reflecting on the truth." The importance of this message was written in the strongest color of the color wheel, providing the emphasis area of the multi-media print. This message is then written on top of (overlapping) seven circles. These circles drawn in white are similar to the structure of an atom. This would represent God and his central place in the scheme of our universe. The golden/orange sphereical shape in the center could also represent the sun with the triangles on the perimeter, it's glow; the additional warm colors could represent the stars,the sun and it's rays. The blue could be representing the water element, encompassing all of God's cosmos.


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