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Friday, February 24, 2012

Group work

Our group selected this piece. It is an abstract that contains symmetrical balance. Its pattern,visual rhythm and repetition gives this piece unity. It containes lines and organic shapes. The focal point seems to be the center of the piece where the implied negative lines meet. It also contains implied shapes: squares and diamonds. The red is used as negative space.


  1. This piece is what is referred to as a Composite Calligraphy called "In Praise of Allah." It consists mainly of contour lines and organic shapes in pattern to form implied shapes to the naked eye. This piece was created using either some sort of ink or paint. It's very hard to see in the picture but what caught my attention the most from this piece is the border that is made up of what seems to be Arabic calligraphy writing, another form of art. This was a very interesting piece to pick apart when describing its elements.

  2. In the artwork presented, there is a combination of many formal elements which we have recently discussed. Most noticeably, there is a great deal of pattern in the artwork with the use of black and white lines, the same design is used in all four corners of the piece. Also, there is symmetry; it is not exact, but all of the corners of the artwork are the same design but it is not a mirror image. The designs are translated, not reflected. I agree that the border makes this artwork interesting because it consists of a different pattern so it stands out from the rest of the work. The red color is the negative space. Also, the contour lines create implied shapes throughout the whole artwork.


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