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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Group Activity

This work is called The Garden of Paradise and it is a multimedia montage. There are many flower patterns throughout the photo. The colors are pretty dull. The bottom two pictures within the work are very naturalistic. The one on the left portrays a hut and has some marble tiles. The one on the right looks like two trees with a lake showing their reflection. In the one on the left there is perspective being used because the tiles are getting smaller and smaller the further away they are. The focus seems to be on the hut.


  1. I think our picture is supposed to take place in a foreign country. The little hut with the tiles leading up to it, does not seem like it would be in America. I think the artist chose to put flowers around the whole picture itself and include a flower pattern as the main focus in the top picture to symbolize tranquility and the peacefulness she feels about this picture. The picture has good composition because all parts are being used up by some object. The picture also uses a variety of shapes and lines.

  2. The picture has organic shapes, such as the flowers and they are then repeated forming a pattern. This is also done with the leave like shapes on the left. There are a variety of lines in the picture; they go from very thin lines to very thick contour lines. The picture also has a sense of unity because of the colors used. There is also much variety in the work. There are different patterns as well as representational pictures.

  3. There are various repeating organic shapes in the picture; both large patterns in the foreground and small patterns in the background. The reflection of the trees in the water is also a continuation of pattern and leading lines. I'm interpreting the top most part of the picture as a close up of one of the flowers which allows the viewer to think of space and of course size. The pattern of the floor on the left side of the picture gives the illusion of depth and space; the viewer feels as if they can walk into the picture. The way the picture is broken up into different segments is really interesting because they are all so different but also very similar and related to each other.


  4. The use of line, pattern, and repetition are all used in this picture. Lines of the trees and how the painting is broken up into blocks keeps the viewers eye moving. The strongest sense of unity in this painting would be the use of colors. Colors include either soft pastels or deep shadowy colors of black and dark blue. Space and changes in perception are also being used in this picture when moving from the different blocks to the designs around them.


  5. yes, pattern is very important in this piece. Another thing to notice would have been the overall asymmetry in the composition.


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