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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Garden of Paradise

The piece has many interesting aspects to it. I chose to focus on the lower left corner. This is a photograph so there is realism in the way it is portrayed. One particularly notable part of it is the vanishing point seen when looking at the black and white squares, they seem to draw the eye upward and to the right. This black and white checkerboard is also a pattern. Patterns are used throughout this piece, including the background text which unifies the work.


  1. This piece has a definite sense of symmetrical balance in the upper portion of the photograph. There is also a big use of pattern throughout the whole photo from the overall background to the small patterns within it. As well as pattern geometric shapes are used in this photograph. In the upper portion there are diamond shapes and even in the lower left portion the diamonds are used throughout the black and white pattern. Both warm and cool colors are seen in this photograph. Lastly The rule of odds is definitely used by the number of flower figures to the right and bottom of the picture as well as the rule of thirds because of the placement of the different images, not one is placed in the center but in the top and left and right corners of the photograph.

    1. yes, there is symmetry in that portion of the work, but overall, look at the right side and bottom- this makes it feel very asymmetrical.

  2. The piece "Garden of Paradise" is filled with many unique elements. The artist used evident symmetry in the very top of the piece as well as with the beautiful flowers that outline the work. In addition, the black and white tiles that are apparent on the left of the piece create a vanishing point. Patterns are also overwhelmingly clear in the "Garden of Paradise". These patterns include the flowers that outline the piece, the black and white tiles on the left side, and the vertical lines on the very top.

  3. This work uses many different shapes including the use of triangles, and obviously within the idea of triangles comes the use of lines. Lines are very important in this piece not only within the buildings, but through what looks like tree branches on the bottom right picture. The colors are mostly saturated and appear as though they are right on the color wheel as opposed to chroma. Lastly this picture uses different methods to present art photographs, patterns , and shapes. All of it is new art and multimedia probably through computer.


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