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Friday, February 24, 2012

In the courtyard of the Hazrat Mian Mir Shrine, Lahore, Pakistan

In this photo there is movement moving up toward the left side. The horizon line is positioned so that it is not directly in the center of the picture. This allows for the birds to appear as if they are moving upward. There is much texture shown in this piece. It appears on the ground with the grainy gravel and on the the birds wings. Each feather is clear and focused so you are able to see grooves and depth.
-Michelle Ketcham


  1. This piece is a realistic and natural piece because it is a photograph and includes both fore-ground and back-ground. The birds are considered the fore-ground (positive space) because they seem the be in the front of the piece and are much clearer than the rest of the piece. The rest of the piece is considered the back-ground because it is positioned behind the fore-ground figures and is much blurrier than the positive space. Depth is implied in this piece because of the change in clarity between the positive and negative spaces.

  2. This piece is an example of implied motion because it is suggesting that the birds are in flight. The piece also has a typical focal point with dead space in the middle, emphasizing of the direction of the wings direction on the left and right of the piece. There is almost a sense of symmetry with the number of birds.


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