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Friday, February 24, 2012

Our group's selected piece

In this piece which is titled "In the courtyard of the Hazrat Mian Mir Shrine, Lahore, Pakistan", the feathers on the birds have texture, making it look like you could reach out and touch them. Also, we thought that the birds toward the bottom and the direction all of the birds are facing, which the towards the left, represents a pattern. The scale of the piece is obviously much larger than a regular photograph and may even be larger than the birds actually would be in reality. There is also  implied motion of the birds flying and walking around.



  1. This piece by Samina Quraeshi has several great examples of the formal elements of art in it. One example is atmospheric perspective. This is seen in through the almost faded background behind the main piece, the birds. One can easily tell that, although not far from, the birds are some distance in front of the building in the background. There is also use of implied line with the feathers. Some birds are showing that they are flying in one direction, while others flying in another. Quraeshi also uses the birds to reveal the use of primary colors. The birds themselves are blue, while the use of light shines yellow on their feather and red on their talons. Lastly, Quraeshi uses space in showing where the birds are in relation to each other. Positive space is used for the birds on the ground as they are almost huddled together and negative space for the ones in the air as they are more spread out from one another in order to allow for flight.

  2. Observing this photograph it is easy to see that the style is naturalistic. The painting my seem somewhat symmetrical when the birds are flying in the air, however if we take a close look at the bottom we can see this is an asymmetrical piece since there are more birds on one side than the other. The artist uses the element on line in the background of the photograph. There are a lot of lines to be found on the buildings behind the flying birds. Something interesting about this piece is it appears to have implied shapes. With the interconnection of some of the birds wings there appears to be triangular shapes in the negative areas of the photograph.

  3. This photo also uses overlapping and is a 2D photo. The value is directed to the lower left corner and the background is geometric. Overall, this was one of the nicest pieces in the gallery. I personally thought it was awesome that it was taken in Pakistan.


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