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Friday, February 24, 2012

Lahore, City of Saints

This art was a multimedia montage--meaning, it was constructed of an actual photo, drawings, and writing. The first thing I noticed about the piece was its color. The art as a whole had very dull and unsaturated colors, mostly consisting of orange and green. Also, most of the color was in the middle of the piece (where the photo is), while a lot of negative space took up the outside of the work.

--Alexis Swoyer


  1. On the outer edge of the entire display, there are drawings showing implied space. On the left hand side, those four drawings utilize overlapping images to provide space, and layering the people to show how close and far some of the characters are. The proportion of the people was exact, but the scale was off, full grown trees where at eye level, a watchtower was about the size of a man, and two of the characters where half the size of a Farris wheel.

  2. There were many shapes in this piece. All the pictures around the photograph were squares. The second image on the top left had an implied shape of a triangle, which also gave it a symmetry. In the second image on the left side, the people are liked up in an angled shape. In the photograph there is a shaped formed by all the vehicles, which is a triangle..

    Seeing this image brought back a lot of memories. I was born in Lahore and could relate to a lot of the drawings surrounding the photograph. This piece speaks a lot of our culture and history.

    -Hanzala Jamil

    1. WOW! that is awesome that you had a personal connection to this work!


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